Embroidery Time

Baseball Caps for Custom Logo Embroidery

Get a Baseball Cap With Your Logo on It

Hey, batter, batter! No company swag bag or merch shop is complete without a custom logo embroidered baseball cap. Baseball caps are an easy way to display your logo naturally since people are already in the habit of wearing branded caps. If your team loves their job, they’ll wear their cap. Everywhere your employees go with their cap, from the ballpark to the hiking trails, to the office, to a Friday happy hour, your logo goes too. It’s the team gift that just keeps giving! 

Why Embroider on Baseball Caps?

Baseball caps are a versatile staple in everyone’s wardrobe, especially in companies that have a flexible dress code. Most of the time, baseball caps are worn in AND out of the office, meaning caps embroidered with your logo will be seen by the team and anyone outside the office, giving your company the edge over your competitors. They’re also cost effective! Embroidered baseball caps are a great, cheap way to get your logo out to your team and into the world.

How Baseball Caps are Embroidered

Baseball caps are the perfect piece of apparel to embroider. First, we place your logo on the front of the cap, and make sure it fits without warping. We then stabilize the fabric and embroider. Easy peasy! Let us help you embroider your next piece of merchandise.