Embroidery Time

Custom Logo Embroidered Hats

Find the Perfect Custom Logo Embroidered Hat for Your Team

We carry a wide range of hats that are just waiting for your logo. We have numerous styles, from beanies to trucker hats, to fitted baseball caps. Our custom hats are a comfortable way to integrate your brand into your team’s regular wardrobe. They make great gifts or workplace promotional items. People already wear and love branded hats, so your logo isn’t intrusive – it’s on-trend! A hat is easy and convenient to wear on the clock, during the commute to work, running errands, or to keep warm on a snowy afternoon. Embroider your logo onto a baseball cap for summer, and customize a beanie to keep your team warm in winter. Looking for something that has low stock? Check our Well Stocked page to find hats for your whole team!

How Do We Embroider Hats?

When it comes to embroidering hats, we start by placing your logo centered on the hat ensuring it isn’t warped. From there, a mechanized needle rapidly stitches your logo onto your hat. We then cut off any remaining threads and ship them directly to you!